UX Designer

Headshot - Riley Waugh

Design is falling in love with the problem, not the solution.

I’m Riley Waugh, a UX designer currently living in Grand Rapids, MI. I started my career in marketing, but realized I wanted to spend my time solving problems, not selling solutions. I'm looking for a UX design opportunity where I can solve real-world problems through user-centered research and design.


I've invested hundreds of hours of self-study to understand the technology behind digital solutions. You won't find me handling data structures and algorithms, but I am pretty good at HTML and CSS.


Above all else, I'm a problem-solver. I want to solve the right problems for the right people, using the right methods. Exploratory research, prototyping in Sketch, and guerrilla testing are all tools in my arsenal.


Because of my marketing background, I have always paid special attention to user needs. My familiarity with the business mindset also means I can frame UX discoveries as an actionable plan.


UX Case Study: Life Skills App

This project was to create an app that helps young adults through life problems that typically have low levels of completion, comfort, and prior knowledge. (four minute read)

  • Project: Mobile app
  • Role: UX research and UI design
  • Client: Individual project for UX Design course
  • Timeframe: January 2017 - April 2017
  • Status: Completed

UX Case Study: MBH Group

I’m currently redesigning a communications coach’s clunky Squarespace website to be more intuitive for users. (three minute read)

  • Project: Website Redesign
  • Role: UX and UI
  • Client: MBH Group
  • Timeframe: April 2017 - September 2017 (Work In Progress)
  • Status: Prototypes & Testing

UX Case Study: Memory Totem App

I'm currently designing an app that optimizes sharing memories and documents for end-of-life planning. (check back soon)

  • Project: Mobile app
  • Role: UX research and UI design
  • Client: Memory Totem
  • Timeframe: May 2017 - September 2017 (Work In Progress)
  • Status: User Testing