Riley Waugh

User Experience Specialist & Researcher

I'm Riley, a UX Specialist & Researcher currently based in Grand Rapids, MI. My work falls under three categories: user research, experience analysis, and web project management.


User Research

I interview users, observe behavior, and gather relevant market research. Sometimes I create personas, other times I test features or test for usability. I love sifting through qualitative data. I tend to replay audio recordings of interviews many times, until I've connected every hidden and abstract concept.

Experience Analysis

I used to run digital ad campaigns. Now, I use that practical knowledge to install tracking and analyze user flows. I know how to install tags and setup goals within tools like Google Analytics. After I have hard numbers provided by tracking, I follow up with additional analysis through heatmapping or recording tools, like FullStory.

Web Project Management

I was the project lead on the redesign of UICA's website during the November 2017 Code for Good event. I was also the project lead for the redesign of the Symposia Labs website, which wrapped up in May 2018. To hear about more projects that I led or worked on, shoot me a message.